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Welcome to the ultimate guide to world's leading roulette strategies. Whether you're looking for the latest casino roulette strategy or the best online roulette strategy for you, we're here to guide you through each and every one of the top roulette strategies on offer. We're here to help you boost your roulette playing power today.

Our online roulette strategies will help you increase your winnings, reduce your losses and have even more fun at the roulette table. No matter what level of player you are, we're here to help you find a roulette strategy that works every time. With tips and tricks from the world's leading roulette strategists, we guaranteed that once you find the roulette strategy that's right for you, playing roulette will never be the same again.

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Why use Roulette Strategies?

The world's leading roulette pros make use of a variety of roulette strategies to enhance their profits and vary their gameplay. While you might be worried that the strategy of roulette is too complicated, or that the maths involved is too difficult, we're here to show you that any player can benefit from the advantages that the best roulette strategies offer.

All of the leading roulette strategies that we cover are surprisingly straightforward, without any complicated mathematics or calculations involved. While even the best roulette strategy can't help you to bend the odds and win every time, casino roulette strategies can:

  • Help you to increase your profits
  • Help you to reduce your losses to an absolute minimum
  • Give you more control over roulette games
  • Help you decide the most profitable way to wager in a range of roulette scenarios
  • Help you form a methodical approach to roulette wagering, ensuring that you're always in control
  • Introduce you to a range of new ways to play, where you can vary your wagering tactics like a pro and take the advantage in a range different roulette situations
  • Make your roulette experience even more exciting!

What Types of Roulette Strategy do we cover?

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D'Alembert Strategy

Based on a 17th century mathematical theory discovered by the French mathematician and scientist Jean-Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert, this is one of the lowest-risk roulette strategies of all. Also known as the Upwards and Downwards strategy, it involves increasing wagers when you win and decreasing wagers when you lose. While profits from this roulette strategy are modest, D'Alembert remains particularly popular with beginner players and players on a budget, as:

  • The D'Alembert roulette system works to keep losses and wagers to a minimum
  • As wagers only increase by small amounts, little initial capital is required to play
  • As wagers are only increased or decreased by one unit at a time, no complicated maths are involved, meaning you can learn the D'Alembert method in minutes

Learn The D'Alembert Roulette Strategy here...

Dozens & Columns Strategy

One of the reasons for roulette's standing as one of the most popular casino and online casino games of all time is that it offers so many ways to wager. Besides betting on red or black, dozens and columns are among the most popular roulette wagers. In our Dozens and Columns guide, we take a look at:

  • How to place dozen and column bets
  • The best dozens and columns strategies
  • How to place multiple dozens and columns bets, where you can take advantage of the favourable odds of wagering on one or more dozens or columns at once

Learn The Dozens & Columns Roulette Strategy here...

Fibonacci Strategy

This is a loss-limiting progression roulette system, similar to the popular Martingale method, only safer to use. With this popular roulette system, you increase your wagers each time you lose, using the famous Fibonacci numbers sequence as a guide to the size of your wagers. Roulette systems players trust in this method because:

  • You only need to win half as many times as you lose in order to profit with this roulette strategy
  • The strategy works to keep losses to a minimum, without having to place large wagers

Learn The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy here...

Guetting Strategy

The Guetting system was developed by a French roulette player called Charles Guetting, the same man who made an amazing fortune by playing for many years at Monte Carlo casinos. Unfortunately, it isn't one of the easiest strategies to learn, but if you do have it under your belt it can be an extremely useful system to take advantage of. Here are some reasons why the Guetting system could be useful to you:

  • When you're on a winning streak it allows you to start winning more whilst also controlling your chips
  • It's designed to control your losses as well as controlling your winnings
  • Can be used on even bets such as red/black or odd/even, this way you still have high chances of winning while still earning all the chips

Learn The Guetting Roulette Strategy here...

Hollandish Strategy

The Hollandish strategy is another system which isn't recommended for beginners, however if you can understand it then it can become the perfect system for some players. The Hollandish strategy is a positive progression system, meaning that you'll bet more after a win instead of betting more when you lose (like you would in the Martingale system). Roulette players like to use this system because:

  • It's a system which will allow you to make as much money as possible whilst on a winning streak
  • The system accounts for your overall bankroll and insures that you lock in your winnings, making sure that'll walk away from the table with more than you started with
  • It's also a loss limiting system, meaning you won't lose much when you're on a losing streak

Learn The Hollandish Roulette Strategy here...

Labouchere Strategy

Labouchere is firm favourite among roulette strategy players. Also known as the Split Martingale or Cancellation System, this is a progression strategy that is based on a sound mathematical theory – it's even featured in several James Bond plots. The Labouchere roulette system remains popular to this day because:

  • It is relatively safe to use
  • No complicated mathematics are involved
  • It provides a solid, methodical approach to wagering to help you stay in control
  • Once learned, it can be applied to all even chance bets, not just roulette wagers

Learn The Labouchere Roulette Strategy here...

Law of Thirds Strategy

The Law of Thirds system is another difficult strategy to get your head around, it isn't recommended for players who have only just started to understand the game. However if you're an experienced player, or just up for a challenge, then the Law of Thirds strategy is a system which can earn you lots of money very quickly. If you need help understanding it then you can always check the Dozens and Columns system, as both of these strategies are quite similar.

  • You've got up to 66% chance of winning on each spin; these are odds that put the chances of winning into your favour rather than the casino's
  • The very least chance you'll have at winning is 50% meaning no matter what bet you place you'll still have an advantage over the house
  • You can win small amounts of chips very often using this system, meaning you don't have to make any large and risky bets
  • If you've ever used the Dozens and Columns system then this strategy will feel like second nature to you

Learn The Law of Thirds Roulette Strategy here...

Lucky Number Strategy

The Lucky Number system is a strategy for the braver individuals among us; you should only give this system a try if you've been playing roulette for a while and also have a reasonably large bankroll to use. With that being said, the Lucky Number system is one of the easier systems to learn how to use, the idea behind it being that you have a 'lucky number'. If you've got a level head and a lot of chips to use, then this system is ideal for you.

  • You don't have to win often, in fact, you only need to win once, but you will win big every time you do get a win
  • On average, you have over 50% chance of having your lucky number picked after 37 spins, so you have increased odds
  • You don't have to bet too much to win big with this system, so you can limit your losses by betting small amounts

Learn The Lucky Number Roulette Strategy here...

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale roulette system is by far and away the most established roulette strategy, having been in use since the 18th century. This popular roulette strategy involves increasing your wagers every time you lose. This helps you to really reap the rewards of a winning streak, but players using this method need to be able to finance increasing wagers, so it's not suitable for every player. Our Martingale guide will help you get to grips with this classic roulette system, which when used wisely, can really pay off.

Learn The Martingale Roulette Strategy here...

Oscars Grind Strategy

The Oscars Grind system is quite young when you compare it to other strategies like Fibonacci or Labouchere, however that doesn't make it any less useful. Oscars Grind is a loss limiting progressive system which requires the player to place a larger bet after a win. This allows you to keep your losses at a minimum seeing as you won't be betting much after a loss whilst also allowing you to win more after placing a larger bet. Here are some reasons why experienced roulette players use the Oscars Grind system:

  • It's fairly simple to understand so it's useful to both new and veteran players
  • Since it's a loss limiting system, you won't be placing large bets on a losing streak, meaning you'll keep your losses to a minimum
  • When you do get onto a winning streak, this system allows you to quickly recover your losses whilst also making you a profit

Learn The Oscars Grind Roulette Strategy here...

Parlay Strategy

The Parlay strategy is one of the easier roulette systems out there, but that doesn't make it any less effective than the more complicated strategies. We highly recommend this system to any newcomers due to its simplicity and effectiveness on the table. The Parlay strategy is a positive progression system, so you'll be placing more chips after a win whilst limiting your losses when you're on a losing streak. Players will like the Parlay system because:

  • It's easy to understand and put into practise, no levels or stages, just two simple rules to understand and apply to the game
  • The system makes sure that you don't lose all your chips before you've even got a win, meaning you're always given a good chance to leave the table with more than you started with.

Learn The Parlay Roulette Strategy here...

Paroli Strategy

Also known as the Reverse Martingale or Anti-Martingale, the Paroli roulette system is essentially the popular Martingale method in reverse. It is a positive progression roulette strategy that involves increasing your wagers when you win rather than when you lose. Positive progression wagers like Paroli have several advantages for roulette strategy players:

  • It is incredibly easy to learn, as no difficult maths calculations are required
  • It prevents you from chasing losses
  • It maximises the profits you will make from winning streaks
  • Far less capital is required to use the Paroli roulette strategy, so it's ideal for budget players as well as high rollers
  • Paroli is ideal for low-risk players looking for consistent small wins without having to large sums

Learn The Paroli Roulette Strategy here...

Pluscoup Strategy

The Pluscoup strategy is another system which can be used by either roulette veterans or newcomers to the game. This is a positive progression strategy so you'll be betting more on a winning streak and betting less when you've hit a losing streak. This is one of the easiest systems to get your head around making it an excellent starting point for beginners; however it's also useful no matter how much experience you have with the game.

  • It's easy to learn and even easier to pick up, making it ideal for people who are new to roulette
  • With the Pluscoup system your winnings can keep getting bigger and bigger whilst also keeping your losses at a minimum
  • You're encouraged to use low risk bets, this includes all of the outside bets, meaning that you'll have much better chances of winning each time
  • You'll be placing small bets to start with, so even if you've hit a losing streak you'll have minimal losses

Learn The Pluscoup Roulette Strategy here...

Red And Black Strategy

Betting on red or black is one of the most popular ways to play casino roulette as well as online roulette. In our Red and Black strategy guide we take a look at why players use the Red and Black roulette strategy, how Red and Black systems work, and how you can apply the Red and Black system to your own roulette games. Roulette systems players use Red and Black roulette strategies because:

  • They're simple to follow, with no difficult calculations to be made
  • You're not required to double up on losses, so losses are kept to a minimum and players on a budget can easily take advantage of this roulette method
  • Red and Black strategies are flexible enough to make them suitable for any other kind of even money wager too, such as Odd/Even and 1-18/19-36

Learn The Red & Black Roulette Strategy here...

Whittacker Strategy

The Whittacker strategy is a system which may not be the best for newcomers to use, however veteran players of roulette will have a great time with this strategy. This is a negative progression system so you'll be betting more each time you lose rather than when you win (much like the Martingale system). The idea behind this is that you'll be able to recover your losses quickly while also giving yourself small but regular wins.

  • It allows you to lock in your wins so you can take any extra money you win away with you at the end of the game
  • It can quickly recover your losses extremely quickly, sometimes in one spin, while also putting you above your original payroll
  • You'll be winning small amounts of money on a regular basis, allowing you to walk away with more money than you started with without making risky bets

Learn The Whittacker Roulette Strategy here...

Roulette Betting Strategy has Never Been so Easy

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Our simple roulette strategy guides will introduce you to all of the most popular roulette systems, with easy step-by-step instructions to help you master each one in minutes. We've made sure that our guides are easily accessible to every level of player, so whether you're a seasoned pro or an absolute beginner, you'll be able to start incorporating these winning roulette strategies right away.

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